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MacBook Pro Battery

Apple MacBook Battery Price List

High Quality Apple MacBook Pro Battery A1278 Macbook Pro Battery Price ₹ 4500.00 A1278 2009 ,2010,2011,2012,2013 A1286 15″ MacBook Pro Battery Price ₹ 6500.00 A1286 Early 2011 & Mid 2012 A1369 MacBook Air Battery Price ₹ 4800.00 13″ 2011 MacBook Air Battery A1405 A1466 MacBook Air Battery Price  ₹ 4800.00 13″ 2012 MacBook Air Battery…


Macbook Air Repair in Delhi

Apple MacBook Air A1466 Repair Charges

Apple A1466 MacBook Air Repair Charges     Description Cost in INR MacBook Air A1466 13″ Screen Replacement ₹ 16000.00 MacBook Air A1466 13″ Keyboard Replacement ₹ 3500.00 US Layout ₹ 4500.00 UK Layout DC in Audio Board Replacement ₹ 4500.00 MacBook Air Charger Cable Replacement ₹ 1000.00 Trackpad Replacement ₹ 4500.00 Battery Replacement with…


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Macbook Pro A1278 Service Charges

MacBook Pro A1278 13″ 2012-2013-2014 Laptop Repair Charges Description Cost in ₹ LED Screen Replacement ₹ 6500.00 Front Glass Replacement ₹ 2500.00 Keyboard Replacement ₹ 3500.00 US Layout ₹ 4000.00 UK Layout DC in Cable Magsafe Power Port ₹ 1500.00 Charger Cable Replacement ₹ 800.00 Trackpad Replacement ₹ 3500.00 Battery Replacement with 1 Year Warranty ₹…


Macbook Repair

Macbook Pro Retina Screen Repair in Delhi

MacBook Pro Retina Screen Repair / Replacement If you accidentally break the screen of your Retina display machine, then don’t panic. We at will provide you with cost effective, high quality and quick solution .   We provide solution for : Damage to LCD screen outer assembly remains intact. Physical damage to connectors (Leading to malfunction…


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Apple Laptop Repair Near Me

Apple MacBook Repair Shop is a 20 year old Apple MacBook Repair Shop pioneering in Laptop repairs, with over 7 years of Providing repair solutions for all makes of MacBook Laptops for their repairs and replacements. We are a major provider of repaired Logic Boards and Components and accessories.   We are…


MacBook Air Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid Damage Repair for MacBook Pro,MacBook Air & Mac Mini

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair in Delhi Damages In A MacBook Due To The Liquid Spill The liquid will probably make its way to the logic board and other components inside when there is a MacBook Pro Liquid Damage has happened. The components tend to deplete away due to the liquids minerals and salts. When there…


MacBook Pro Glass Replacement

Apple Mac Book LCD Screen & Front Glass Replacement Services

Apple Mac Screen Replacement Service If you are stuck with any of the problem like broken or cracked screen, Black screen, here our team is expert in Apple Mac screen replacement. We can repair Apple Mac Screen for all type of models i.e. MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, IMac etc. Therefore, don’t worry about your faulty…


MacBook Data Recovery from SSD

Mac Data Recovery Services in Nehru Place

Mac Data Recovery | SSD Data Recovery Repair Services in Nehru Place,Delhi MacBook Repair Experts provides the excellent services for major or minor data losses for Mac Laptops.We are experienced and having full knowledge of Mac data recovery.We can recover up to 100% data from Mac hard disks which can not be mounted or repaired…


Apple Mac Retina Logic Board Repair in Delhi

Mac Retina Logic Board Repair in Nehru Place We Macbook Repair Experts at Nehru Place have repaired 99.5% Macbook Pro with Retina Display in previous 15 Months. We Have Solved Some Common Problems Like: Complete Dead No Battery Detection(X mark on Upper Right Corner) No Battery Backup (Working with Charger) Working in Safe Boot but unable to…


Apple MacBook Laptop Keyboard Repair / Replacement

Apple MacBook Laptop Keyboard Repair / Replacement The customers most of the times tend to spill beverages like coffee, tea, drinks and etc. on the Apple MacBook Keyboard. Most of the times, this can be repaired as long as the Apple Laptop itself is working. The damages caused by liquid spill are extremely dangerous as…


Logic Board Repair & Replacement Services of Apple MAC Laptops

MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair We are the only reputed Macbook Repairs company located in Nehru Place,New Delhi providing MacBook Logic Board Repair Services locally as well as nationally. We are very much famous for building a good and healthy relationship with our customers. Is your MacBook damaged, broken or any other technical issues under…


Apple MacBook Trackpad Repair Replacement Cost

Apple MacBook Trackpad Repair Replacement Cost We can understand how irritating is not to get the proper functioning due to problem of trackpad. Whatever the issue is, we can fix it and bring your Apple MacBook back to work in no time. We provide Apple Macbook trackpad repair replacement service in Nehru Place Delhi.If you…


Apple Macbook Charger Repair in Delhi

MacBook Charger Repair Has your brand new Apple MacBook suffered an unexpected accident? Looking for a good place that offers Apple MacBook charger repair? Computer users across the world love Apple products for their elegance and rich functionality. Business professionals and students in Delhi consider the MacBook as a reliable partner that takes care of…


A1370 battery for MacBook Air 11″ (Mid 2011)

Description: The A1370 battery for MacBook Air 11″ (Mid 2011) is original and completely tested. The A1370 battery for MacBook Air 11″ (Mid 2011) is the perfect replacement of a faulty A1370 battery for MacBook Air 11″ (Mid 2011). Each A1370 battery for MacBook Air 11″ (Mid 2011) is tested separately for operational and visual…


Apple Mac MacBook 13″ Unibody MagSafe DC-In Board Jack A1278 CHARGE PORT SOCKET


Apple Mac MacBook 13″ Unibody MagSafe DC-In Board Jack A1278 CHARGE PORT SOCKET
Product Name A1278 A1286 (2009/2010) Unibody Magsafe DC Jack
Apple Part No 820-2565-A
Manufactured by: Foxconn
Model: Compatible Model No MB990LL/A, MB991LL/A, MC374LL/A, MC375LL/A, MC118LL/A, MC026LL/A, MB985LL/A, MB986LL/A, MC371LL/A, MC372LL/A, MC373LL/A
Product ID: Megsafe
Price Rs- 2500/- New

Apple MacBook Pro 13″/15″/17″ Broken Glass Replacement in Delhi

Apple MacBook Pro Broken Glass Replacement   This is a replacement front bezel and panel assembly (replacement for original glass panel) for the 13″/15″/17″  A1278 , A1286 ,A1297 Macbook Pro Unibody model. Note this is an original replacement part. Apple does not sell the Glass for these units. This replacement is a glass replacement that…


Basics about repairing your MacBook Pro

For some computers users, a logic or graphics board failure is something like a terminal disease. It comes out of the blue. Nobody seems to know why it happens. Everything is fine for years and then, suddenly, your world is turned upside down. So, it is only sane to know at least something about the…


Prompt Services for Apple MacBook Pro Repair in Delhi

When it comes to Apple MacBook Pro Repairs in Delhi our services are extremely competent. We provide warranty to all the repairs that is being done by us and the fastest turnaround that we offer within same day. As everything is done by professional and experienced personnel, there is no risk of the situation to get worse.

If there is any glitch with your MacBook Pro we are here for the Repairs, Fault-Finding & Troubleshooting Service in Delhi. We deal with repairing with the glitches in MacBook Pro, be it any problem we are here! We are into this since 15 years and we have seen every kind of situation. Therefore you are placing your trust in the right hands!

There might be various issues that will not let your MacBook perform the way it used to perform before. There is no need to worry; every problem can be fixed through us!