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Apple Laptop Repair in Delhi

apple laptop repair center in delhi

Our services are unmatched in the repair market. We deliver fast and impeccable Apple Laptop Repair in Delhi. We also provide warranty after the repair is done and that too at a very convenient price. Our repairs are fairly priced and we provide the repair estimate at the earliest stage so that you can take the decision properly. We keep a transparency policy, there are no hidden prices.

Professional On the Spot Repairs

We do on the spot repairs for component replacement cases and return the device within 2 hours or less. We value your precious time. We have customers from Delhi and all over India. We use genuine equipments and original replacement components that are tested prior to the repair.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our first priority. We do everything to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our services. We have developed healthy relations with many of our customers due to our precision repairing, they have never had any problems once we do the repair. We are the best one stop repair shop for your macbook in the market.

Services Offered

We provide all kinds of repairs for Apple MacBook owners. We repair any type/model of Apple MacBook Board level repairing, Keyboard replacement, screen replacement, battery replacements, adapter replacement, hard drive replacement and repair, RAM replacement, Power supply and liquid spill related replacement or repair, etc are our main services.


With our repairing services at hand, don’t worry about macbook if gets faulty. We are here to take care of all your worries and provide you with best repairing service available in the market. Our experts are easily approachable and can offer you perfect solution for your Macbook related problems. Feel free to contact our support system, we are here to serve you at the earliest.


Apple MacBook Repair – Same Day Services by Experts

Apple MacBook Repair in Delhi


Apple MacBook Repair in DelhiYour Apple MacBook logic board seems to have developed problems and authorized service is costing a bomb?

Our reasonable rate services is what you need, be it liquid spill, Blank/broken screen, overheating issues, or simply a dead board, charging issues,We’ve got it all taken care of. We give estimate first to help Client make a reasonable decision and if we can’t fix it, chances are it can’t be repaired at all,and you don’t pay us anything for our efforts.

Why replacing logic board, our trained staff, has over 20 years of experience fixed in-numerous boards.It’s unwise to pay many times over and replace a board since usually the fault lies in few components, which should ideally be replaced.

Come to our Service center for repair, We get customers from all over the country since our name in the field is unmatched due to the reliability and fair pricing maintained by us over the decades.

We like to be of maximum help, you can call us and describe the problem encountered, or drop in on week days for a fair estimate based on our fault assessment.

If you are a business wanting to have a tie-up at wholesale rates for all your laptops? Call or email us for more information, by giving us details of your location and number of systems in use!

We are the real MacBook Logic Board Repair Experts and we can fix your Apple MacBook Air and Pro .

Many clients often narrate stories of bad experienced in the hands of untrained and thieves who remove or replace chips or other components with faulty ones and make the system irreparable so their mischief is not caught. We on the other hand deal with clients and few repair centers which outsource their repair work to us since we are the pioneers in fixing your out of warranty Macbooks.

Visit / call us for answers for all your Logic board, screen, trackpad, keyboard, power, battery, starting issues.

We are here to help with repair options and not out right replace option which is way too expensive and doesn’t make sense.


MacBook Repair Experts

802, Meghdoot Building, 94 Nehru Place, New Delhi -110019.

Phone No: 011-26445616, 9958360093, 9958360094

Dim or Dark Display Repair in Apple MacBook Pro & Air Laptops

Dim Display Problems are Solved within 2 Hours

MacBook Dim Display Problem

Dim Display problem is very common in MacBook Laptops whether it is MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Dim Display occurs when LED Backlight of Screen does not glow.This problem generally comes when –

  • There is liquid spilled out
  • Bad Inverter Circuit – Inverter Circuit is placed on logic board in MacBook model laptops.
  • Burnt Logic Board or LVDS Cable
  • Bad LVDS Cable or Connector
  • Faulty SMC (System Management Controller)
  • Bad Battery Indicator in MacBook Pro Models

Whichever is the cause we can solve all dim display problems in MacBook Laptops within few hours.


MacBook Air 13″ (Early 2014) A1466 Repair or Replacement

MacBook Air Early 2014 A1466 Repair / Replacement

MacBook Air 13" Early 2014 A1466 Repair / Replacement

We can repair Apple MacBook Air A1466 Early 2014 on same day at our service center in Nehru Place.We repair many logic board related issues like :

  • MacBook Air not charging or dead while original charger is connected but works on compatible / local chargers.
  • Trackpad & Keyboard not working after booting.
  • Screen flickering.
  • No Audio.
  • Abnormal Shutdown while working.
  • CPU Short : We replace faulty Intel processors on MacBook Air Early 2014 
  • Bad SMC (System Management Controller)
  • SSD not detected : fault related to logic board.
  • Machine gets off while sleeping.
  • Wifi not detected.
  • Keyboard & Trackpad Replacement
  • USB Ports not working.

MacBook Repair Experts
802, Meghdoot Building,94 Nehru Place,
New Delhi-110019.
Phone : 09958360094,09958360093,011-26445616
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MacBook Pro A1278 Repair in Nehru Place, Delhi

MacBook Pro A1278 Repair Service

MacBook Pro A1278 Repair

If your MacBook Pro A1278 has been diagnosed to have a faulty logic board or has any of the symptoms below this service is for you:

MacBook Pro A1278 Logic Board Repair

  • No power – Dead
  •  liquid spill – water, beer, tea or coffee
  • No Backlight on screen – Dim Display
  • Distorted display or random colors on screen – Screen or LVDS Cable faulty
  • shows white screen – no image on screen
  • 5 Beeping sound / Flashing LED on Front – Logic Board Faulty
  • No Boot UP – Mac OSX related issues
  • No display on screen – Screen Problem
  • Not detecting battery or hard drive – Battery or Logic Board Issues
  • Short circuit on logic board
  • Fpc connector damage – On Board Connectors Damaged


Logic Board Repair Delhi :: MacBook Pro

MacBook Logic Board Repair Various Faults

MacBook Logic Board Repair Delhi
We fix MacBook logic board problems :

  • Dead : Wont turn on
  • Beeping noise : Memory Failure
  • White screen : No Image on Screen
  • Wont take charge : Battery Charging Problem
  • backlight wont turn on : Dark Screen ( Dim Display )
  • Question folder : Hard Drive Related Issues
  • Hard drive wont recognize : HDD Cable Replacement
  • Chipset and video card problem repair : Integrated Chips Replacements
  • We repair all motherboard : MacBook Air, MacBook & MacBook Pro all Models
95% services related to logic board repairs can be done same day!


CALL NOW!  011-26445616

MacBook Repair Experts

802, Meghdoot Building, 94 Nehru Place, New Delhi -110019.

Phone No: 011-26445616, 9958360093, 9958360094

Your Apple MacBook Repair Experts for Gurugram / Faridabad / Vaishali / Ghaziabad / Indirapuram

Apple MacBook Repair Experts in Noida / Gurugram / Faridabad / Vaishali / Ghaziabad / Indirapuram

Apple MacBook Repair in Noida , Vaishali

With the technology boom entering all parts of the country specially the Metros which sees the maximum users of the high end computing devices like the Apple MacBookPro and the Apple MacBook Air, their upkeep and maintenance in case of damage and fault takes a toll on the users.

Delhi NCR comprising of prestigious areas and ever expanding areas include Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Vaishali and other adjoining areas. The users generally face difficulty in locating the most reliable and efficient Apple MacBook Service Centre which ensures the best options for their Apple MacBook Repair in Noida, Apple MacBook Repair in Gurugram, Apple MacBook Repair in Faridabad, Apple MacBook Repair in Vaishali, Apple MacBook Repair in Ghaziabad, Apple MacBook Repair in Indirapuram.

We get our clients from all over the country due to the reputed name made in over 20 years of learning and expanding. Our dedicated staff and highly technical abled staff has the whole of Delhi NCR coming to us for the repair of their Apple MacBook Air from Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Vaishali, Indirapuram.

New clients from Delhi NCR are welcome to visit us for a free evaluation and price estimates for their precious Apple MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air repairs from Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Indirapuram, Vaishali and other nearby areas. We are most conveniently located at Nehru place which is the Hub of major digital computing market in Delhi NCR. We are open all working days, six days a week excluding Sundays.

New Clients are encouraged to even call for discussing the queries they may have regarding their Apple MacBook Laptops before they decide to visit us. Our client list has maximum satisfied clients . We understand the value of our customers and their time therefore we like to deliver on time repaired Apple Mac Book Air and Apple MacBook Pro Laptop computers in record time with least cost since we have most of the components and hardware that most models require.


We can be reached by Metro Rail, please find the linking rails from Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Vaishali to reach Metro Station of Nehru Place.

MacBook Repair Experts– MacBook Repair in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida at Cheapest Price

MacBook Repair Experts is a specialist in repair of MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac all in one PCs in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. We offer wide range of Mac repair services like liquid damage logic board repairs, Apple/MacBook LCD screen replacement and repair.

MacBook Repair Gurgaon

MacBook Repair Price

The Service Center offers repairing of entire range of MacBook PCs. The Service Center guarantee that you get the quality services for any fundamental issues to your MacBook series PCs. We offer same day repair services by highly experienced engineers. We offer MacBook Pro repair in Gurgaon at extremely low cost.

MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Cost

Simply give us your MacBook Pro Laptops, regardless of whatever the issues are behind. Our well experienced experts will solve the issue in no time at extremely lower prices.

MacBook Pro Repair Costs

We take care of all kinds of repair and faults for your valuable possession, that is macbook pro and air. We are the most trusted and respected name in the laptop repairing business. Ours is an experienced team of professionals and have been top class in repairing laptops for the past 20 years. Macbook repair is our speciality and we excel in it. Our team is focused and dedicated in finding the exact faults regarding your laptop repair and delivers the best possible solution in the shortest possible time. We deal in technical board related issues and component replacements.We are professional Apple MacBook Air repair service provider in Noida.


MacBook Pro Graphic Issues

Fixing The Graphical Issues In Apple Macbook Pro

Fixing The Graphical Issues In Apple Macbook Pro

Why does this sort of issue take place?

Numerous MacBook Pro users of 15 ” 2011 happen to witness various glitches like notable distortions, striations, and even system crashes and boot failures. These complications occur due to the possession of discrete graphics cards in 2011 Apple MacBook Pros. Some of the users who happen to experience such issues say that the problems like tinting errors and distortion problems are eliminated when there is a switch to the system’s integrated video card.

We are your solution for MacBook Pro Graphic Issues !

MacBook Graphic IssueWhen you are facing such problems, the expert you should approach is us! We are highly experienced in this field and have a good reputation too, as we maintain healthy and cordial relationship with the customers. We provide genuine and reliable solutions to these sorts of problems. We solve various problems related to Apple MacBook and this is one of the issues we deal with, with expertized skills.

The following MacBook have the kind of Graphic Cards that leads to graphical glitches:

  • AMD Radeon HD 6770M
  • AMD Radeon HD 6470M
  • AMD Radeon HD 6490M
  • AMD Radeon HD 6790M
  • AMD Radeon HD 6750M

We understand the importance of the laptop and the difficulty you will be facing without it. Therefore, we solve most of the graphical issues within 2 hours. Our experts are highly qualified and face such situations on daily basis and hence, they are well versed with fixing any sort of problem with ease and effortlessness.

We thoroughly detect what the glitch is and then quote a price, only if the customer is interested to move ahead we go further. The service that is provided is trustworthy and will for sure not give trouble in the future. The price that is fixed for these services is extremely economical and cost effective.


How to Replace MacBook Pro A1278 Battery | A1322 Battery –

When is A1278 Macbook Laptop Battery replacement Required?

  • When you start getting Service Battery indication then there is 99% probability of your battery being bad.
  • When you start getting ‘Cross Sign’ then there is a 50% possibility of battery being bad, but in cross sign cases there is also possibility of problem in logic board.
  • There is bloating in battery. The main reason for bloating is that battery is left unused in discharged condition for long. So charge your battery before placing your Macbook on long hibernation.

Tools Required A1278 Macbook Laptop Battery replacement.

  • You need a Phillips – Plus design (+) screw driver (2.0 mm)
  • Y Shape Tri-wing Triangle Screwdriver

Screw Drivers for A1278 Battery Replacement


Procedure for Replacing A1278 Macbook Laptop Battery.

  • Step 1: Power down your Macbook machine.

MacBook Pro A1278



  • Step 2: Remove the back cover screws using the screwdriver as mentioned above and keep them in safe place. (The screws are expensive and hard to find). Remove the back cover

Open A1278 for Battery Replacement


  • Step 3: Remove the battery connector that connects battery to Macbook motherboard. Don’t force yourself the connector should come out smoothly. Be careful, because if the female connector on motherboard side gets damaged, then motherboard will need a major rework.

Disconnect Battery Connector

  • Step 4: Remove the two screws holding the battery to the macBook body.


Unscrew A1278 Battery



  • Step 5: Remove the old battery and place the new battery in the slot, replace the connector.

  • Step 6: Replace the two screws that you removed in step 4. Make sure the longer screw goes back in the slot near the connector.

  • Step 7 : Place back cover of macBook Pro and replace the screws in step 2 above


  • Congratulations!!! You have done it.

How to check A1278 Macbook Laptop Battery is Replaced correctly.

  • The problems and sign’s associated with bad battery as detailed above should go away.
  • There a software tool Coconutbattery that you can use to diagnose the problem. located at Nehru place, Delhi provides one stop solution for all your battery and other Macbook problem’s.