Few service centres give free pick and drop without charging. Now does that not bother you? Who in todays times can afford to give a free pick and drop and hire a runner and give vehicle and fuel and not charge you for it? It is just a gimmick to get you to part with your system, obviously you are paying for everything and more. Once the machine is out of your control, the estimate given by them is usually accepted by the innocent client, since if you had the time, you would have found out the real cost of getting it fixed. Worse, if you reject the estimate, your system may face the most dreaded situation of component theft.
We on the other hand, want our clients to come, see who we are and our setup, get an estimate and time required and go back with a fully operational system. You will be scared if you saw the real setup of most dealers claiming to repair, all they have is a small shop, no equipment, a runner with a bike and us. Yes, we are the ones who are fixing laptops being brought by many such people claiming to repair. All they do is get it to us and add their margins to our cost and return. We give priority to our direct clients over these dealers who bring mishandled and torn state of boards after failing to fix, rather they create more problems in their attempts to fix without knowledge.